February Off the Shelf article for the West Winfield Star

Off the Shelf

We had our fall book sale this month.  Yes, I know it is winter but we could not have it in the fall because of a proposed painting project the village was planning. Then it took a while to get a week with nothing going on to schedule the sale.  So, with great hopes, I moved out the 100’s of boxes and watched two snowstorms roll in that week.  As a result, when we have our spring sale, we will have plenty of books!

                Our computer class is coming to a close.  We have broadened our knowledge about the internet, copy & pasting, searching the Web, attaching, saving, and even discovered YouTube has more than stupid stunt videos. It was a great group that asked lots of question. I just hope they can play with a little that they learned.

                We are waiting for tax forms. We generally get the N.Y. State forms but not the Federal forms because the U.S. Post Office is so close to us the Federal forms just go to them.  Once we start getting the state forms we will post a sign so people will know they have arrived.

                Normally, at this time of year I am breathing a sigh of relief because I have finished the library’s annual report to the state.  The report includes our finances, a count of materials we own, how many programs we have had and what kinds they were, how many people attended and so on. This year the state is a bit late in getting it out so I have not started it.  Hopefully, they will open it up soon and I can get working on it.  When they finally do, I hope I have a few quiet weeks to work on it.

                We had a local author Stuart Copperwheat do a little book talk and signing.  His book is now available to borrow from the library.  Someone is reading it right now but you can request it or buy a copy from him.  We have his postcards in the library with all the information. We are also hoping to have Barbara Linsley do a book talk and signing to.  She has published a new children’s book.  Her historical fiction is very well researched and they are wonderful reads for children and adults.   As soon as a date and time are set I will put up posters.

                We have been trying several different ways to keep our DVD’s safe when they are on the shelf but also easy for the staff and patrons to access.  We finally have found a way that seems to work well for everyone.  It is a numbered system so I can tell you we have 740 DVD’s for your viewing pleasure.  So what is the hottest DVD? What is the movie that does not stay on the shelf for very long and is always going out? “The Downton Abbey” series is what West Winfield is watching the most.  When it comes to books, hunting and animal books seem to be hot with children this winter.  The adults are reading all kinds of fiction and books on faith, health or cooking seem to be the most popular.  So, as you can see there is a variety of things available here.  If we don’t have it, we usually can get it for you.  If you read digital books, those can be downloaded from the website for free and you can do that from the comfort of your own home. This is a great thing during a winter storm! The same goes for audio books or you can come and get the physical books.  Also, I want to give everyone a heads up that “World Book Night is in April”.  Last year copies of “Hunger Games” were given away this year… well I will keep you guessing for a little while.  I hope to see you in the stacks!


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