Barbara Linsley Book Signing

Things Will Be Better


March 13, 2013

6:30 pm

 Barbara Linsley is a local teacher. She has written several fiction and non-fiction books.  The latest “Things Will Be Better” is a children’s fictional story based on an 1849 journey on the Oregon trail.


It’s 1849, Crispinus Fletcher has been orphaned. After being forced to move twice before in his life, hoping things will better each time, Cris must now leave his farm and, with his 12 year old sister, find positions on a wagon train heading west. Heavy rains turn the trail to a mire. The dread disease, cholera, stalks the western-bound travelers. Flooded rivers flip wagons, causing injuries and drownings. Young men heading for the California gold fields travel with few supplies, steal, murder and rile the Indians along the route. The trail also brings adventures and good friendships. But when Cris and his sister arrive in Oregon Territory, will things really be better?


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