BOOKS – Our books are loaned out for 2 weeks, with 2 renewals allowed (current bestsellers excepted). Fines for overdue books are 5 cents a day for adults and 2 cents a day for children under 12. We will try to notify you if you have overdue books, but it is the responsibility of the borrower to return library materials on time or pay overdue fines.

COMPACT DISCS – Discs belonging to the West Winfield library are loaned out for 2 weeks. Tapes from the rotating MusicNet collections belonging to Mid York Library System are loaned for 1 week. Fines are the same as for our own books.

MOVIES – DVD’s, Blu-ray and VHS  belonging to the West Winfield library are loaned out for 1 week. Brand new items are loaned for 2 days. Movies from the rotating video collections belonging to Mid York Library System are loaned for 2 days. Fines for overdue movies are 50 cents a day.

INTERLIBRARY LOAN – Items borrowed from other libraries are loaned for varying periods. Fines are the same as for our own books and movies.

LOSS OR DAMAGE – Lost or damaged items must be paid for in full by the borrower.

HOW TO RETURN BOOKS – Outside of Bisby Hall, near the front entrance, is a painted postal service mailbox that serves as our book drop. If you need to return books while the library is closed, you may deposit them in the box. It’s a long, free-fall drop to the bottom of the box, so please be kind to our books. Put a rubber band around the book or another item, or better yet, wrap snugly in a plastic bag. There is a container under the drop box with plastic bags if you need one. When the library is open, items should be returned indoors. It’s better for books and other items, especially in cold weather.  Also, we empty the book drop only once a day, just before the library opens, so your books left in the box won’t be checked in until the next day. Returning your books late? See our policy on overdue books above.

INTERNET ACCESS POLICY – The West Winfield Library provides public access to the Internet in keeping with its role as a source of information, intellectual development, and enrichment for the community.  All users of library electronic resources are to act in a responsible and ethical manner, consistent with the policies of the library.

The library will treat information displayed on its computers as confidential.  Requests for disclosure of information will be honored only when required by local, state, or federal law.

There are both financial and space limitations affecting the use of electronic resources at the library.  Currently, the library cannot provide terminals that offer total privacy for the user.  The library staff reserves the right to prohibit material that in their judgment is inappropriate for viewing in this public area.  Library staff will establish time limits and may use the sign-up system to reserve workstation time for patrons.  Printing is available (see library staff for charges) if it can be completed within the patron’s allotted time.

The West Winfield Library and its staff cannot control the accuracy or validity of the information found on the Internet.  While we wish to provide an access service we do not endorse or assume responsibility for the availability of links, or appropriateness of the content.  Library staff is available to help users of the Internet.  However, staff members do not and cannot have complete knowledge of Internet content and may not be familiar with sites users access or wish to access.  If any patron believes that information obtained via library terminals is inaccurate or offensive, the patron should contact the original producer or distributor of the information.

(This library does not use any Internet filtering software.) Internet access on staff computers is filtered per CIPA regulations.  It is the policy of the West Winfield Library that parents of minor children have the right and responsibility to monitor their child’s access to the Internet the same as with any other library resource.  It should be understood that the library cannot act as a censor nor as a substitute parent.

Library users are prohibited from using the Internet in a disruptive manner or for any commercial activity which may incur costs to the library, any illegal activity or for criminal purposes, including, but not limited to, harassment, stalking, or unauthorized access to computer systems.  Violation of the Library’s Internet policies or failure to respond to staff requests may result in suspension or loss of privileges.  Any illegal activity involving the Library’s Internet resources may also be subject to criminal prosecution.  Users will be financially responsible for any physical damage they may do to the Library’s computer or printer.

West Winfield Library offers wireless access to the Library’s Internet service.  When you use the Library’s Wireless Internet service you are accepting the Library’s Internet Access Policy.  The Library staff cannot assist you with your laptop, PDA, or other wireless-capable equipment, card or configuration.  The Library cannot accept the liability of handling your equipment.  The West Winfield Library shall not be liable for any damage that may occur to any computer, peripheral equipment, storage media, loss of data, unauthorized access to or alteration of data transmissions, and/or any other direct or indirect damages resulting from the Library’s Internet service, wireless network, and/or electronic information resources, or inability to use these services.

You agree to hold the West Winfield Library harmless for any claim or demand that may be made by any third party due to or arising out of your conduct in connection with any use of the Library’s Internet service and/or wireless network.

This policy may be revised from time to time by resolution of the Board of Trustees.

Revised 2/7/2006
Revised 4/13/2009
Revised 9/13/2011
Revised 6/12/2012

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