The mission of the West Winfield Library is to meet the needs of our community through customer-oriented library service. We will continue to focus on information delivery, recreational reading, homework and research support for students and adults, early-reader programming and materials, computers for public access to the internet, and library accessibility for people with special needs. (Adopted March 20, 2003)

The Board of Trustees of the West Winfield Library supports the policy statements of the American Library Association: the Library Bill of Rights and The Freedom to Read. To read the text of these statements, please click here.

West Winfield Library Board of Trustees

Grace Watkins

Joan Evans – President
Deborah Kosmoski – Vice-President
Mary Doremus – Secretary
Mary Lou Pustay – Treasurer
Toni Burke
Blake Francisco 
Marilyn Huntley
Gail Smith
Scott Van Duren


The West Winfield Library was established in 1895 as part of our local school system. It was located in the school office and the principal was considered to be the librarian.

In 1912 the library moved to Bisby hall, where it occupied space on the second floor. At that time it was changed from a school district library to a free public library. In 1971 the library was moved to its present location on the first floor of Bisby Hall, which also houses the offices of the Village Clerk, the Town Justice Court, and the New York State Police.

The Absolute Charter from the New York State Board of Regents was granted June 23, 1978. A plaque listing all the people who have served as librarian over the years is on display in the library, a gift from the 1990 Board of Trustees.

The West Winfield Library operates under the auspices of the Village of West Winfield, but in reality, we serve all the towns and villages encompassed by the Mount Markham School District, as well as surrounding outlying areas.


Government Sources – The West Winfield Library is supported by tax revenue from the Village of West Winfield, the Mount Markham Central School District, the Town of Winfield, the Town of Plainfield, Herkimer County, and New York State. The Village of West Winfield donates our use of space and utilities in Bisby Hall.

Fund Raising Activities – With the help of volunteers, we have annual bake sales, used-book sales, and our annual Christmas ornament sale.  Various raffles are held throughout the year. Each December we have a Give-a-Gift-to-the-Library Tree, decorated with paper stars that represent books on the library’s wishlist. Patrons may select one of these books to buy for the library or may add a star to donate a book of their own choosing.

Donations – Contributions to the library are always welcome. Library patrons, local businesses and citizens, and anonymous donors may give to the library in memory of a deceased relative, friend or community leader, or to honor a living person, to commemorate a special occasion – or just because they love the library. You may also help us by remembering the library in your will.

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